i + TiBET is a cultural networking site that encourages the documentation, sharing, and digital preservation of the artifacts of Tibetan culture. It is hopeful that through its use, Tibetans in exile can continue to preserve their culture while they continue their fight for a Free Tibet.

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Add your content! Something missing? Gather the information (i.e. photos, video, or just text) through interviews, library searches, or discussions with your friends and family. Then simply post it to the site using the icon icon in any section.

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Please note: This site is in development and is a prototype only. If you are interested in being updated as to its progress, collaborating on its design, or otherwise funding its development, please email us. This site was designed in April 2008 and is a joint effort between Carrie Ann Christensen, MLArch and Angela Tank, MFA Candidate, 2009.